Going Home for Christmas!

Inez Lucas had a dream of going home to be with her family on Christmas. Joe Norris, the administrator of Signature @ Colonial, made that happen. She was surprised by even the thought of Mr. Norris taking the time out of his own plans to allow her to fulfill her dream. When he told her the good news, she was beyond surprised and so excited.
When we rode up to the brick house in which my family lived, it looked like a castle to me. A castle with a basketball goal in the front, too cold to play of course, she said with a giggle. My family and Joe helped me inside, there I was greeted warmly by the rest of my family, as they looked at me in surprise that I was able to attend our traditional gathering. The best part about returning home was to be with my family and enjoying the family tradition of playing the ‘bad Santa’ game!
Joe really made my Christmas wish come true… overall this was one Christmas I will never forget, and a big thank you to Joe Norris for making that happen!