CHOPPED – Coming Soon!

Signature HealthCARE of Colonial will be hosting our very first version of Chopped! Three stakeholders and three elders will team up together and make a wonderful dessert. Guest judges will be here to declare our Chopped Winner! Each Thursday in March we will have activities leading up to the events. Please join us for a fun-filled time.

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Valentine’s Teddy Grahm

Teddy is back at it again! We are fundraising for our elders vacation. Teddy traveled to Franklin’s Auto, Bardstown Middle School and Bardstown High School. He also made a few house calls!

Christmas Morning

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Adopt a Grandparent

This is the first group in Nelson County to Adopt a Grandparent they seem to enjoy their time with the elders and the elders really look forward to what the future brings with these youngsters!

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