Derby Winners

We would like to congratulate our Derby winners: Darrell Bridges in 1st place, Hannah Hamric in 2nd place, and Shirley Hardin in 3rd place. The elders had lots of fun cheering each other on and racing their horses.

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Day of Prayer

As we celebrate this day of Holy Prayer our elder Ms. Margie went around anointing our building and doors with Holy Oil. Ms. Margie stated, “I feel blessed to be able to participate with the blessing of our building.”

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Not Goodbye, See You Later

Today is bitter sweet! Saying bye is always hard to say, so we will just say see ya later Ladonna! You are a wonderful nurse! We send many blessings your way on your promotion!

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Annual Easter Egg Hunt

On behalf of the Colonial family and the Easter Bunny, We would like to sincerely thank the community for making our Easter Event a complete success. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Easter Bunny has now hippity-hopped to make your Easter bright! Have an amazing hippity, hoppity, happity Easter!

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50/50 Raffle Winner

Our elders raised $206.00!
That’s a winning of 103.00 a piece!
Jodi Tungate, Our MDS coordinator is the big winner!

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CHOPPED – Coming Soon!

Signature HealthCARE of Colonial will be hosting our very first version of Chopped! Three stakeholders and three elders will team up together and make a wonderful dessert. Guest judges will be here to declare our Chopped Winner! Each Thursday in March we will have activities leading up to the events. Please join us for a fun-filled time.

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Valentine’s Teddy Grahm

Teddy is back at it again! We are fundraising for our elders vacation. Teddy traveled to Franklin’s Auto, Bardstown Middle School and Bardstown High School. He also made a few house calls!