Ms. Boone admitted to Signature at Colonial after a hospital stay where she had multiple surgeries leaving her with an inability to take herself to the restroom and navigate in her home safely. Prior to her admission, Ms. Boone was living at home with her son. When she arrived at the facility for rehabilitation, she had issues with maintaining balance while seated or standing, was walking less than 10 feet at a time with two people assisting her, and had a very low tolerance for activity. Today, she is returning to the community able to walk 75 feet at a time with minimal assistance, good balance, and much improved activity tolerance. She will now be able to safely walk through her home and return to her level of independence. She is very much looking forward to returning home for the holidays and spending time with her family.

“They really helped me a lot here. When I first got here, I couldn’t get out of the car without help and now I can get in and out!” – Virginia Boone

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