Mary Smith
Reason for Stay: right sided hemiplegia from stroke
Rehab Stay: 11.07.16-02.15.17
Referring Facility: University of Kentucky Hospital

Ms. Smith was admitted to Signature at Colonial after a hospital stay for a stroke that affected her dominant right side, causing weakness. Prior to her admission, Ms. Smith was living at home with her granddaughter and performing activities of daily living independently. When Mrs. Smith was admitted to our facility, she had major balance issues, was dependent with bathing and dressing, and required maximum assistance was needed to perform all other activities of daily living. She also had severe problem solving and verbal expression deficits, as well as being on a pureed texture diet. Upon her discharge, she was able to walk over 500 feet and was independent with her activities of daily living. Her balance improved greatly, as well as her problem solving and verbal expressions, and she is now able to enjoy all her favorite foods again.

Mrs. Smith really made our days brighter with her witty personality and made lifelong friendships with several ladies along during her rehab experience. We were blessed to have Mrs. Smith with us!

“Everyone here was real nice and I enjoyed my neighbors and friends.”
– Mary Smith

We wish you the best of luck and a happy and healthy year!

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