Mr. Korody was admitted to Signature at Colonial after a hospital stay related to repeated falls that resulted in multiple back fractures, rib fractures, a hip fracture, PEG tube placement, and tracheostomy placement. Prior to his admission, Mr. Korody was living at home with his wife and performing activities of daily living independently. When he arrived at the facility for rehabilitation, Mr. Korody was totally dependent on the staff for activities of daily living, required oxygen at all times, and received all nutrition via feeding tube. Today, he is returning to the community tracheostomy-free with plans to remove his PEG tube in the next week. He can walk with a walker safely over 500 feet with minimal rest breaks and no longer requires oxygen. He is able to eat again with high hopes of having his favorite meals soon. He could not be happier to be returning home with his wife.

“Congratulations to a staff whose contributions have been a major part in my expedient recovery since admission to Signature at Colonial rehabilitation facility. The staff demonstrated excellence in organization, teamwork, professionalism, service, and empathy regarding traumatic circumstances. Hope and a positive attitude can go a long way in recovery.”

-Lewis & Paulette Korody

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